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12 Most Likely Reasons Your Advertising Agency Lies to You

12 Most Likely Reasons Your Advertising Agency Lies to You

Here’s why your agency lies to you. If this doesn’t apply to you, carry on. If it does, you will be massively offended.

1. You don’t plan

This puts both client and agency in reactive mode and reduces think-time.

2. You don’t have a strategy

Who will know then if the advertising is effective? Why should the agency work hard to do good work?

3. You don’t measure

On the other hand, if there is no strategy, why bother?

4. You have Shiny Object Syndrome (SOS)

The first new bit of technology that comes along distracts you.

5. You don’t manage up

When the boss sends you on a wild goose chase, often caused by SOS, you go. The agency then stops worrying about you and starts saying anything your boss wants to hear.

6. You don’t have the necessary skills

Especially now, advertising requires at least a working knowledge of some pretty technical stuff. It’s learnable.

7. You have bad taste

There’s no way to explain this one. If this is you, you won’t understand.

8. You don’t consider the consumer

This is the worst marketing sin of all. If your agency allows you to do this, they should go straight to advertising hell.

9. You hire yes-men

This might be the agency, or the people you hire to manage the agency. There needs to be a different reason you hired them than to tell you what you want to hear.

10. You think marketing is a necessary evil

It’s the first thing to go in tough times, which is exactly when you should use it to seize opportunities created by people who also think this. Your agency is trying to stick around long enough to help you.

11. You’re a dabbler

The agency rep will tell you your input is great, while secretly plotting to kill you in your sleep.

12. You can’t make up your mind

If you don’t know what you want (because you didn’t work out a strategy), you won’t like what you get. That leaves the agency making pretty pictures using the colors of your alma mater and putting your grandkids in your ads.



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